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I'm a huge fan of anything that brings people together and causes extreme laughter, so Jane figured I'd be up for getting my friends together to review a new game called Celebrity. It's a cross between a demented guessing game and charades on crack...my overall rating of Celebrity: Good!

Moon Unit Zappa

Jane Magazine


I think your game is cool because it challenges and it makes me learn stuff I don't know for my tests and I'll get a good grade. I really like your game.

Thank you. Your Friend,


I love the game Celebrity. We used it in our class to study for science. It helped a whole bunch for learning and it was fun. I liked the charades. I loved the game a whole lot.


Caitlin Wilde

I really like the game. It is so fun that I cannot stop. I like the last part about the charades. I like when we have to do charades because it is fun and hard. I like it when it gets harder. I think Celebrity is the best game ever.

Apeksha Patel

I would like to express my satisfaction with your game. I bought it as a gift for a friend of mine's son. He enjoys the game very much.

Philip Horvath

We played 4 complete games spanning 3.5 continuous hours!!! After the fourth game the kids wanted to keep on playing but it was really getting late. We were laughing so hard the couch potatoes in the other room kept yelling for us to keep it down.

Linda Vavrus, Lincoln, Nebraska

We took Celebrity to England and my husband's family loved it. It won out over their usual Trivial Pursuit (which is hard to do). Really good fun!

Tiffany Smetak, New York, New York

My husband and I played your game with friends on New Year's Eve and had a great time-lots of laughs. Where do I buy the game?

Nancy Kranzberg, Lincoln Park, IL

Some responses from a survey sent out to Celebrity customers...

"I need another one, I will be calling soon."

"Game can be as varied as the choice of players."

"Very fun. I had to force my family and friends to play initially but then they love it!"

"We had so much fun playing the game we gave it as a Christmas gift to others."

"We had a lot of fun playing this game."

"It's a blast and all my friends enjoy it- we still talk about our X-mas party because of it!"

"I'm doing a show right now about Milton Bradley called "The Checkered Game of Life" and while we (the cast) wait in the dressing room we play this game all the time. We LOVE it. You've got a great game here."

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