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Celebrity The Game is a fast paced, fun party game! Try to make your team guess the names of celebrities in sports, entertainment, music, history, animation, and literature without ever saying any part of the celebrity's name.

Want a game to entertain a group of people?

Celebrity The Game can be played with up to twelve people, but is just as much fun with a small party of four.

Want a game that can be played anywhere?

Celebrity The Game is small and portable. It can even be played at the beach. Players do not need to sit at a table or be in any order.

Tired of games that become too easy and boring after repeated playing?

With Celebrity you come up with the names of the celebrities, making each time you play unique. There are over 1500 suggested names in the player's handbook, but the players can use any names they want. Years of playing are ensured because the game can't become outdated. Celebrity The Game will change with the times making it timeless!

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